Hot bubble bath

There is nothing I love more than taking a hot bubble bath. From the moment I put my little toes into the water, I get all streamed up and my pussy starts to juice. As I slide further into the foamy water, the suds tickle all of my sensitive areas and cause wild sensations to go through my horny teen body. The best part about bath time is that I have so many toys to play with in the hot water. Today, I used a special purple dildo that slid right up into my pulsating pussy lips and deep into my snatch. I started to fuck myself so hard that I made waves throughout the tub and everything got wet with water and pussy juices. I think I am dirtier after my bath than before it!
hot bubble bath - Spunky Bee
There is nothing like slipping in to a nice hot bubble bath. The feeling of the crisp bubbles brushing my soft skin and the warm water caressing my bare shaved pussy always gets me in the right mood for fun!

Orange carrot dildo

Hi there guys! Its Spunky Bee but today I am going to be your Spunky Bunny. I always dreamed about being a sexy playboy bunny but I am too shy for showing off at big parties and in fancy mansions. Instead, I got myself a little bunny costume so I can pose just for you in the privacy of my home. The thing that bunnies love most is carrots so I thought of a naughty way to play with this snack. First, I sucked all over the smooth veggie, getting it wet with my saliva and tasting the sweetness from inside. Then I slid the carrot over my nipples and soft tits and right down between my thighs. I was so excited that I plunged the vegetable right into my wet pussy until juices were dripping on my bunny tail!
Orange carrot dildo - Spunky Bee
Don`t I make a cute little bunny with my orange carrot dildo? With my long ears on my head I just can`t resist and wind up sliding that thin orange dildo deep inside my succulent wet pussy!

Tight slit starts to get wet

You guys who know me, Spunky Bee, know that it doesnt take much to get me all hot and horny. This morning, I got out of the shower and wrapped my wet body up with a towel and then started to get ready. I put on just a bit of mascara and lined my moist lips with gloss to make them extra soft. Just thinking of all the things I wanted to put into my mouth got my pussy wet and juicy. I let my towel come off so the cool air was tickling my perky tits. Using just my fingertips, I rubbed all over my body and kept getting closer to the sensitive spot between my legs. Once I could feel the heat from my wet pussy, I went wild and finger fucked myself until all my juices had spilled out.
Tight slit starts to get wet - Spunky Bee
Even getting ready for classes in the morning is a tough job for me because as soon as I step out of the shower and start to do my makeup my tight slit starts to get wet and I can`t help but slip my fingers down to my clit!

Shaved pussy

One of the reasons I have so many pairs of stockings is because I have a secret fetish: I love to tear pantyhose off of my skin. There is nothing like feeling the nylon stretching over my hot flesh and finally reaching its maximum point where it rips and exposes my body. I was so horny today that just one pair of stockings wasnt enough. I put nylons in my mouth and pulled them tight between my teeth, getting the material all wet. Then I started to slowly work the fishnet stockings off of my long legs and juicing pussy. The netting ripped easily away from my hot pussy and made room for my fingers to crawl into that juicy spot and indulge all my naughty pleasures.
Shaved pussy - Spunky Bee
I have always thought that fishnet stockings were so naughty but I had never worn them until now! As soon as I slipped in to them though I knew that I was going to have fun with my shaved pussy poking through the holes!

Playing with some balloons

Do you guys recognize me, Spunky Bee? I have always wanted to have nice big titties but my teen body is slim and I only have little mosquito bites. Just for fun, I put some big balloons under my shirt so I could see what it would be like to masturbate with huge breasts bouncing on my chest. First I played with the balloons and rubbed them over my nipples, letting static electricity heat up my skin. Then my fingers ran over my juicy pussy lips and I spread my cream all over. Using a special toy, I worked on my clit and then plunged that dildo deep into my hot box. Even if my balloons are real teen tits, I loved watching them bounce while getting my snatch to cum.
playing with some balloons - Spunky Bee
I have always wondered what it would be like to have those massive titties that some girls have and when I was playing with some balloons the other day I thought it would be fun to try and find out with balloon titties! A friend of mine came over the other day to help me clean up after a party and as it turns out he`s not very good at cleaning up but he is definitely very good at making a really hot sticky mess with me!

Tight butt hole

My friend came over today. He really knows just how to spoil me by taking control and getting my pussy all wet. We started off kissing and he slowly undressed me until my perky little tits and juicy snatch were all bare. I couldnt wait to feel his big cock squeezing into my box but he had other ideas! He pushed my legs apart and stuck his tongue right into my pussy, making it drip so much juices that my asshole go slippery. Then he took his big cock and pressed it over my tight butt hole. It hurt to feel my rosebud getting stretched apart but it was also really exciting. Once his entire beast was in my ass, I was moaning and creaming with an orgasm like never before.
Tight butt hole - Spunky Bee
A friend of mine came over the other day to help me clean up after a party and as it turns out he`s not very good at cleaning up but he is definitely very good at making a really hot sticky mess with me!

Stuffed with meat and covered with cream

If you guys love tight pussy, wait until you see my little ass! I was in the kitchen this morning when my friend decided to give me a treat. He first made me cover my eyes and then filled my mouth with all sorts of tasty goodies. My favorite wasnt the sweet oranges or strawberries but his fat meaty cock. Once his dick was all slippery with my spit, he flipped me over on the counter and spread my butt cheeks apart. Already, my pussy was drenched and my tight hole quivering with excitement. He entered my ass slowly so I could enjoy every moment of that deep penetration. I never realized how good it would feel to be completely stuffed with meat and covered with cream!
Stuffed with meat and covered with cream - Spunky Bee
A friend of mine came over to make me lunch the other day because I hadn`t been feeling too well, he said he knew the right medicine and told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. He certainly did have the right medicine!

Tight naked body

Hey there guys! I am Spunky Bee and I love to tease. Today I was bored and in the kitchen so I decided to have some fun with oranges and a brand new toy. There is nothing that gets me more excited than tasting the sweet juices of a ripe fruit exploding in my mouth. I guess I got pretty intense with this orange but I just wanted to have all that sweetness in my moist lips! My pussy was also getting pretty hungry so I put my red dildo right on the refrigerator door. It stuck straight out so I had to get on all fours and press my ass against the dildo. Once the rubber cock was inside my pussy, I couldnt stop banging the toy until my juices were exploding just like a ripe fruit!
Tight naked body - Spunky Bee
Eating fresh fruit on a hot summer day is always so refreshing and biting in to the juicy oranges always drips sweet juicy down my tight naked body! I imagine someone licking it off and my pussy gets so wet!

Shaved teen slit

I just found out today that teen girls have hormones that are out of control. Maybe thats why my pussy is always craving so much attention and constantly juicy wet! Just today, I was innocently coloring a pretty picture when the urge to touch myself got intense. I had to stop and strip out of my green fishnet stockings and top so I could get at all my sensitive parts. It makes me even more excited knowing that you are watching and jerking off your big cock. That is what I think about while touching my wet pussy and getting my fingers deep into my slippery slot. Dreaming about a hard dick up my pussy made me really crazy and soon my cream was exploding from my gspot.
Shaved teen slit - Spunky Bee
I love to color with my markers, it makes me feel so relaxed to just scribble out on paper but you know what happens when I get relaxed! My shaved teen slit gets soaking wet and I can`t help but slide my fingers inside!

Big Dildo

Hi guys! I am Spunky Bee and thought you might enjoy this naughty show. I was all alone today and a bit lonely. Still, I managed to have lots of fun playing cops and bandits all by myself. First, I got in my sex police girl outfit. It has a nice white top through which you can see my perky tits and smooth stomach. The short skirt is perfect for flashing my wet pussy and anyone who is looking. I also had to be the bandit so I put on a pair of furry handcuffs, restraining myself. My cuffed hands could still reach my juicy snatch and I used my fingers to massage my clit. Since I am a really bad girl, I had to get out the big black baton and use it to beat deep into my pussy!
big dildo - Spunky Bee
I always have so much fun dressing up in costumes and my friend was throwing a fancy dress party so you know I just had to try on all of my naughtiest costumes and test out their accessories – especially that big dildo!